You know how we said last week went so fast, yeah this week, not so much!  We made it to hump day! Let’s hope the next few work days can go a little quicker!  Weeks like this make us extra thankful for snuggles from our littles and a few of life’s little luxuries that add comfort during a hard week.  Check them out if you need a little pick me up!


  • I gave myself a little DIY manicure with fun color by OPI called CIA: Color is Awesome.  It is a really dark teal color that is a nice mix between a winter dark and a vibrant color.
  • I love a little chocolate each day to keep me from missing my sweets too much (although I have been a little into these and other sweets this week).  These dark chocolate mint squares are perfect. One square and my craving is usually satisfied.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts Dark Roast.  I love it with a little caramel and skim milk.  I usually treat myself to one on Friday mornings. I like the dark roast because it has a slightly stronger taste which helps to get me through that last little bit of the work week!


  • I treated myself to a bath for the first time in… let’s just say, it’s been a little too long. I was gifted a few bath LUSH cosmetics bath bombs for my birthday – yes, almost a year ago. Better late than never, right? This one smelled heavenly – not to mention, made the water so pretty!
  • I also gave myself an at-home mani. Lately I’ve realized trips to the nail salon aren’t as relaxing as they once were. I always feel like I’m in a bit of a hurry. So, I’ve started using manicures as a great excuse to sit still and binge watch a little Netflix. My go-to color right now is Essie Lady Like. The perfect neutral with a hint of blush, purple, and gray. Swoon.
  • OH, and last but not least… I’m loving these peep toe wedges I just purchased. I bought the taupe color. The perfect transition item as we head into Spring. Hopefully sooner rather than later! Did I mention they are Dr. Scholl’s? Seriously, the comfort. They’re cute though, right?

Now that you know what’s getting us through the week, feel free to share anything we should try!


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  1. Love both of those nail shades! And a Lush bath bomb sounds heavenly. I just splurged on some new cream blushes because yeah, it’s almost Friday. xoxo

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