Happy hump day! We hope you had a love-filled Valentine’s Day with your friends, family, and little ones! We sure did! One of our favorite things to do is spread the love, so it’s one of our favorite days! H & L both took Valentine’s for their daycare buddies – bubbles and boogie wipes – staples in both our households. We also shared the heart-shaped cookies Crystal made with our coworkers. We even had a bit of a sweet surprise ourselves…

A picture we had posted of H & L was chosen by Munchkin as their #itsthelovingthings contest winner! Proud momma moment opening our inbox to see our kiddos staring back at us. There’s nothing better in the middle of a long workday!


The best part – it’s such a #reallife moment! And, of course, they’re eating! We were trying to get a picture of them during a friend’s Valentine’s party. The only thing that kept them still (and somewhat looking at the camera) was snack catchers full of Cheerios. Seriously, have we mentioned how much we love those things? Life savers. If your cabinets aren’t already overflowing with them, don’t worry – rumor has it we may have a giveaway coming soon 😉

Oh, and because we forgot to post yesterday – how cute are they in their Valentine’s outfits? I mean, really?
Valentine's Day valentine's day

Okay, okay… we’re done being those moms. For now.

Sorry we didn’t share a ‘love list’ this week… we like to switch it up now and then. Plus, these littles really are our biggest loves!

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