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Tutorial: Floral Disney Mouse Ears

As many of you know, we were lucky enough to spend a few kiddo-free days in Disney back in April. Crystal had a conference for work (and an extra bed), so convinced Lindsey (though, it took very little actual convincing) to buy a plane ticket and join her for a long weekend in the happiest place on Earth. Lindsey was actually just back there last week! This time with her family + extended fam. We’re hoping to take a trip back together (with our families) in October to celebrate H & L’s 3rd birthdays at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. And, yes… there will be a newborn in tow (you can see a little baby bump below). More on our October adventure to come!


Naturally, with our love of all things Disney, and all the Disney trips happening this year, we thought it best to break out our craft supplies and DIY our own floral Disney ears. We wanted something different than what could be bought at the parks and had seen a bunch of floral ears circulating around Instagram and Pinterest. So, instead of buying a pair for $30-40 on Etsy, we decided to spend $95 on craft supplies and attempt it ourselves 😉 That’s always how it goes, right?! Honestly, they weren’t too difficult to make – and even if you think you aren’t crafty, we promise you CAN make them. You simply need a secret supply for the “hard” part – shaping the wire ears.

Without further ado, here’s how to tackle this fun project!

Gather supplies:

  • Headband – any color will work, just decide whether you’d like the ribbon you wrap around it to match or not.
  • 1/2″ ribbon in any color you chose
  • Floral wire
  • 2-3 different stems of faux flowers
    • Note: we had quite a few leftovers. Enough to make one or two more pairs of ears each.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wire cutters
  • Large jar (this is the “secret supply”) – a large peanut butter or pickle jar works great

disney mouse ears

Step 1: Wrap the floral wire around your jar. Make sure to leave about 1.5″ of excess wire at each end. You’ll use the excess to secure the ears to your headband. Once you have two ears, decide where you’d like to position them and hot glue each to your headband.

disney mouse ears

Step 2: Wrap your ribbon over the part you glued to the headband. Glue the ribbon to the band with each wrap. Make sure to secure it as tightly as you can, and wrap as far down the band as you’d like. For this tutorial, we used pink ribbon on a black headband so you can see where we wrapped. Our actual headbands used black ribbon so they’d blend in.

disney mouse ears

disney mouse ears

Also, don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect. Most of the ribbon will eventually be covered in flowers.

Step 3: Remove flower petals from their stems. Begin to lay out the flowers where you’d like them to go. Once you’ve decided you’re happy with placement (and your ribbon and wire are secured), begin attaching the flowers one-by-one with your glue gun.

disney mouse ears

Tip: We glued flowers to the front and back of our ears so they’d look complete from either side. It’s personal preference whether you want to do both sides.

The best part – we had two unique pairs of ears, and received tons of compliments on them in the park. We didn’t want to take them off!

We’d love to hear how it goes it you attempt your own DIY Disney ears. Any additional tips/tricks?!

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