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Season of Change

I didn’t believe them.

I wanted the crying to stop. I wanted more sleep. I wanted to feel like my body was mine again.

They say it gets better. And trust me, it does.

SO much better.

But tell that to someone in the throws of it. Tell that to someone who often struggles to see past the here and now.

I had many friends tell me “it’s just a phase”, “cherish these moments”, “it goes by so fast”. Gosh, they were right.

Alas, here I am. On the “other” side. The glorious other side. Now don’t get me wrong – we totally have our moments. H is a toddler, after all. Actually, she’s exactly 2.5 years old today! I truly do think these are the BEST days. Her personality is contagious. She’ll exhaust you with the ‘why mommy?’s by 9 am, and have you in tears laughing a minute later. She’s my #1 sidekick and best friend. She’s the happiest, sassiest, and funniest little kid. I’m not sure I can even take credit for it at all. She’s simply the coolest.

And here I am. About to shake this all up.

About to rock the boat – and her whole world.

It’ll no longer be all about her. Attention will be divided, time will be split. Mommy and daddy will be shared.

Honestly? She’ll handle it like a champ. But me? I’m already a mess. Haven’t I learned by now that’s just how it goes? I always stress over the transitions, the milestones, etc. and she glides right on through it. Without so much as a batting of a lash.

Which brings me to last weekend. Goodness I was emotional. It hit me hard. It’s only just “us” for a few short months. We’ve changed so much already. Lots of talk about ‘baby in mommy’s belly’, a new big girl bed (which she loves, btw – post on that soon), and the beginnings of potty training (100% initiated by her, actually). She just seems so grown up. I swear some days I look at her and she looks 13. Acts/talks like it too sometimes *facepalm*. I mean…she is my daughter, after all. Her independence and strong-willed attitude still surprise me sometimes. She takes the charge and just runs with it. Mark my words… she’s going to change the world some day.

But today, I’m wondering just how much I’ll change HER world in a few short months. And, how we’ll handle the new addition to our family. Honestly, H will probably be the one showing ME how to manage it all. I’m sure I’ll laugh at all my worry and emotions down the road. For now though, I still wonder…

What did you/are you do(ing) to prep for a new sibling/baby? I’d love to hear any suggestions!

xo, Crystal

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1 thought on “Season of Change

  1. Congratulations! I realize I missed the announcement post, so forgive me for being late. The transition from one to two is hard but so many kids take it like a champ! My little guy blew my mind and took it completely in stride. Try to have her “help” you, bring baby a diaper, change baby where she can see/help, let her rock baby in the car seat when they get fussy (like when you’re checking in at one of the hundreds of pediatrician visits). Having a sibling is so good for them, their first life-long friend, learning to share, and learning to love in a whole new way!

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