Happy Tuesday! (Gosh, that sounds so much better than Monday..) Hubs’ office and daycare were both closed yesterday, so I decided to take the day and add a little extra family time to our weekend. Can every work week just begin on Tuesday? That extra day really is a game changer. Here’s a quick recap of how we spent our long weekend.

On Saturday, we visited Sugaloaf mountain, a local hiking spot. It’s basically a glorified hill, but hey, we take what we can get here in MD. Pre-baby, Logan and I spent many weekend mornings hiking. We probably could’ve/should’ve taken H there sooner, but nerves/logistics always got the best of us. We finally decided to make it happen – and add our dog, Mojave to the mix. Side note: She’s an awesome dog, but seems to think we are going to leave her wherever we take her. We don’t know much about the first 3 years of her life, so it’s understandable since she was passed around a bit. Our hope is the more we take her places, the better she’ll be. 2 years later… but, honestly, she’s the best dog. She just required a bit more attention than H at times 😉

We headed to Sugarloaf – a scenic 30ish minute drive after H’s am nap. It was crowded, but not overly so. By the time we left, it was packed! I strapped H onto my back for the first time, and off we went. She seemed fine as long as she had snacks (shocking, I know…). 30ish min later, we were almost to the top and took a break. Snapped some pics, while we let H run around and stretch her legs. This is when the dog thought we were going to leave her (notice her practically on top of me? Gotta love her!) On the way back down, H lasted about 5 mins in the carrier before she was over it. Logan carried her back to the parking lot/picnic area where we ate a snack and let her run around some more. Seriously, I can’t get over her independence and determination. Check her out! Also…those sunglasses. I can’t.

Saturday evening we went out to dinner at a local brewery – H LOVED their mac n’ cheese. I’m pretty sure she ate half of Logan’s meal! I had a salad, so naturally she had no interest in that. If it’s not carbs, dairy, or fruit she wants no part of it these days. Oh, the struggle. The host gave her a pack of crayons and a menu, and she stayed busy with them the entire time. I was amazed! Looks like we may have a little crafter on our hands (proud mom moment!)

Sunday morning, H and I were on our own. Logan spent the day fishing at a lake about 2 hours away. I had planned a bit of me time for the morning, as well. I met up with a friend I haven’t seen in ages (literally years) for a Zumba class. In our former, pre-mom lives, we attended Zumba weekly (and had the routines memorized (did I just admit that?). Let’s just say, it wasn’t quite the same. We were a little rusty, but had an awesome workout and a good time laughing at ourselves. Oh, and H spent a few hours at my parent’s house. Win, win!

I did a bit of meal planning while H napped, and one of my closest friends stopped by for a few hours. H was thrilled to see her aunt, and I loved the adult conversation – and the glass of wine! I rarely ever open a bottle of wine at home just because… but it just seemed like a good idea – especially with a second set of hands around. We helped H build with her blocks, drank wine, and caught up on each other’s lives a bit. Perfect way to wind down the day.

I tried a new recipe for dinner (oven fried coconut shrimp) and crashed before 10 (unheard of these days)… Until I awoke at 11 to H crying. She’s been fighting a cold and Sunday night was the worst of it. We were up for a few hours, and off and on until the morning. Thankfully, she napped HARD Monday and seemed to catch up on her sleep a bit. I took a nap too (seriously, who am I? wine AND a nap in the same weekend?! I know. Wild.)

Monday morning we took H to Bass Pro to see the fish. Okay, really Logan just needed to get something for his boat… but we always love taking her to the fish tank. We walked around the mall a bit and grabbed lunch there.

We spent a little longer than we had planned, and ended up rushing home to get H n her crib for her afternoon nap. Which, lasted three hours. Poor girl was exhausted. I laid on the couch and dozed for a bit, then woke to catch up on some stuff around the house. The rest of the evening was pretty much spent relaxing and getting ready for the work week.

I love these weekends with my family. No matter how long, they always seem too short! Did you have a long holiday weekend? What’d you end up doing?

xo, Crystal


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