A Little About Me

Hey all!  Thanks for taking the time to pop in on our little blog!  I’m Lindsey,  mommy,  wife, special education teacher,  crafter, the owner of PeaceLoveandGinger,  dreamer, and now,  blogger! Yes, I am many things, and I give them all my whole heart, which can be a lot at times.  I tend have a hard time with the word “no”, so I always have about 100 projects going at one time.

I was born and raised in Maryland where I live with my husband, Steve, my little boy Lincoln and my three dogs. Yes, I am a little crazy!  I love to cheer on the Redskins, the O’s and the Caps.  Like any good Maryland girl, crab picking is second nature to me, and I swear there is saltwater in my soul!

I received both my undergrad and graduates degrees from Towson University.  While in college, I worked as a server which I hated and a make-up artist which I loved.  I knew from the time I was in elementary school I wanted to be a teacher.  I began my career as a third grade teacher and since then have taught first grade, and kindergarten.  After 7 years in the classroom, I took a leap of faith and entered the world of special education. I love it! Spending my days with children makes my heart feel happy and full.

My Tribe

My family is my world, and my friends are a part of my family.  In fact, we take my family vacation with my parents, my husband’s parents and grandmother and 3 of my very best friends and their families!  My husband Steve has been my biggest supporter.  I am known for dreaming really big dreams and making some crazy plans. Most other men would tell me I am crazy, but not him.  He truly values my dreams and does everything he can to help me achieve them.  My son Lincoln has brought new meaning to my life, he inspires me to be my best, chase my dreams and love with my whole heart.

I met Crystal in high school through a mutual friend and the three of us, along with a few other women have been best friends ever since.  Crystal has been there for me through all of life’s ups and downs.  We have been through it all, high school spring break trips, break-ups, make-ups, adjusting to college life, planning weddings, pregnancy, life with newborns, and starting and growing each of our small businesses.

When I got married, I had a great time DIYing my way to the wedding of my dreams.  It made me overwhelmingly happy to look around and see all the pieces come together.  After the wedding, life got a little crazy as I worked to complete my masters degree. I crafted here and there but nothing major.  When I got pregnant, I started to get the itch to create again. Maybe it was part of my “nesting”.  Lucky for me, I had a bunch of friends that were pregnant at the same time that needed showers and baby gifts giving my creativity a purpose again!

Finding Motherhood, Losing a Little of Myself

On a beautiful fall day,  my sweet Lincoln was born. While he is the best thing to ever happen to me,  life with a newborn was rough!  My labor and delivery was long and hard. Like Harper, Lincoln had  reflux causing him to sleep even worse than the typical new born.  And of course, the paper work to cover my maternity leave at work was stressful.  Maternity leave was not what I envisioned, and I thought something was wrong with me.  I expected to be out and about every day, doing fun things.  I thought I would be finishing all the projects in the house I had put off for years while the smells of amazing dinner wafted through the house.

Yeah, that didn’t happen!  Many days I was lucky to get a shower and many nights I was lucky to get a few hours of sleep.  There were hundreds of middle of the nights texts to Crystal and our friends who were also on maternity leave just to feel like someone else was out in the world with me.  You know you have good friends when a 3:00 text is answered within minutes!  My life revolved around this sweet little baby.  I spent every waking moment making sure he was as happy and safe.  I was terrified any little thing I did wrong would scar him for life.  The mom guilt was flowing free and I was losing myself.  Slowly, with the help of family and friends, I joined a mommy group and I became more confident.

Finding Myself

When summer rolled around, I found a Cricut machine on sale.  I had been playing around with my old one, but again nothing major.  When my new machine came, I was so excited that I decided  to try to make a bodysuit for my cousin’s baby.  Next thing I knew I was creating something for every even Lincoln went to.   This helped me feel more like my old self.  I started putting a few things in my Etsy shop and really loved it.  I still do a little dance every time and order comes in!  The shop brought me in touch with myself and some of my dreams again.  This spurred the idea for this blog.   While Crystal and I both want to write one, we feel like doing it together will be far better, and more interesting!  And so, Too Crafty Moms was born.

I am hoping this will give me an outlet for some of my thoughts and ideas and provide you with some DIY ideas, perspective and maybe even a few laughs!  If you’re looking for perfectly imperfect, with a whole lotta love, and a little crazy, you are in the right place!  Pour yourself a glass of wine, or a cup of coffee and enjoy!




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