Parent’s Weekend Away

Wow, this summer sure has flown.  I can’t believe it was just the fourth of July!  Last month was a true whirlwind for us.  We are lucky enough to have just spent a few days with the hubby’s family in Disney (more on that later) but we started the month celebrating a dear friend’s birthday in Key West.  This was a kids free trip, with a group of friends and I have to say, it was a greatly needed weekend away.  It was awesome to disconnect from reality and spend some time with the hubby just having fun.

We were there to celebrate my friend Bryan’s birthday, he was turning 40 (sorry Bry, had to put it out there) and wanted to do it in style!  The group he invited was really a terrific, and while I hadn’t spent a lot of time with some of them before the trip, I can’t wait for a reunion later this summer!  He rented us an awesome house right off Duval Street, right in the middle of all the action.  The property was actually two separate cottages connected in the middle by a pool…really what more could you possible ask for?  There were even enough bathrooms and showers for everyone!

We took and EARLY flight on Saturday morning, like up at 4:30 AM early, but it was worth it because it meant we had more time in paradise!  We flew into Fort Lauderdale because it is quite a bit cheaper than flying directly to Key West and rented a car to drive down.  If you have never done that drive before, it is a must.  I was able to talk the hubby into renting a fun convertible to really enjoy it.

On the way down, we hit some traffic so we made a few stops to break up the drive.  We stopped to have lunch at Midway Cafe, one of Bryan’s favorite spots.  Then we headed on to the Turtle Hospital, which was probably one of, if not my favorite part of the trip. It was very cool to see the work they are doing to rehabilitate these beautiful creatures and educator the public about what we need to do to save them.  Check them out on Facebook to see some cute animals and learn ways we can and need to save the oceans and it’s creatures.

The rest of the weekend was spent shopping, drinking, enjoying the pool and sightseeing.  I am pretty sure we covered every inch of Duval Street and did all the touristy things, except snorkeling or diving….still a little sad the timing didn’t work out on that, but really the trip was wonderful.

We finished up the weekend by celebrating his birthday in true Key West style, by attending a drag show!  It was a first time for some of the people on the trip but Ms. Faith Michaels and everyone at Aqua showed us an awesome time. They also made sure to make Bryan feel like the celebrity he thinks he is haha! In fact, that is what I love about the Keys.  I’ve  never been anywhere where people from all walks of life come together and not only coexist, but support each other.  Their slogan is “One Human Family” and it is a point of view I think we could all benefit from.

I know a few people planning a trip there now so I thought I would include a few things I feel are most sees and dos in Key West.  Crystal is far more familiar with the island than I am so she may want to add a few in at some point as well!

  • The Turtle Hospital- if you have access to a car and can make it to Marathon Key, go there.  It is a bit expensive to take the tour, but in my opinion worth it because the animals are great and it goes to a good cause.
  • Southernmost Point – This is a tourist must, go early in the morning and there will be a smaller line!
  • Southernmost Beach Cafe- Brunch here is great!
  • Key Lime Pie Shop- I don’t think I need to explain this!
  • Sunset Pier- The views are great!
  • Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory- This is really cool and beautiful!  They also let you in free on your birthday!
  • Captain Tony’s- if you are a Jimmy Buffett fan, this has been a favorite of his.
  • Cuban Coffee Queen- Go to the one in Key Lime Square get a breakfast sandwich and a coffee, think of me!

Overall, the weekend was a blast, and spending time with the hubs without our little man allowed us to reconnect and get back to just laughing and having fun, and talking about L because let’s be real, we spent a good part of the time thinking and talking about him and how much we missed him!  My question is though, what do you do to keep that feeling alive when you are at home?  We obviously can’t flit off to the tropics all the time, so what do you all do to keep that connection with everyday life?


Peace and Love,


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