What We Love Wednesday

Well, the weeks sure do go faster when there is no work or school on Monday!  We have been enjoying some unseasonably warm weather here in Maryland and some great time with family to go along with it! In addition to extra family time, which is at the top of both our lists here is what we love this week:


This wagon, (pictured here with the canopy off and with his hat on because the sun was going down and I, being a first time mom, of course freaked out about him getting cold)  L got the chance to ride in H’s at the Christmas tree farm this year and he LOVED it!  For Christmas, my parents go him his own and he has the best time going for a stroll around the neighborhood in it on these nice warm days!  It is a bit on the expensive side, but it is worth it as we have already gotten a ton of use out of it!

This twist on our usual tacos by the Garlic Diaries. We usually use the taco shells from a box or tortillas but the lettuce makes it a bit more healthy.  We did add some extra fajita style peppers and onions in.  It is perfect for us because my husband loves tacos and we have them about once a week! (It’s even 21 Day Fix approved) (more…)

Holiday Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday! (Gosh, that sounds so much better than Monday..) Hubs’ office and daycare were both closed yesterday, so I decided to take the day and add a little extra family time to our weekend. Can every work week just begin on Tuesday? That extra day really is a game changer. Here’s a quick recap of how we spent our long weekend. (more…)

My House is a Mess, Sorry, I’m Busy Being Present

I have been looking forward to today for a while.  Who doesn’t love a long weekend with a Monday off? Of course, like most moms out there, I had big plans. You know fun stuff, like putting away laundry, cleaning floors, and maybe, even cleaning out the pantry!  I know sounds like a party! My house is kind of a mess after a busy weekend and warm weekend where we spent a lot of time outside. It needs to be cleaned and my to-do list is a mile long.  But, if you want to know the truth, I am currently doing none of those adult things.  I did do the dishes, and pick up a few toys and a few things in my craft room but that’s about it.  The thing is, I am tired. I am worn out and all I want to do is sit right here on my couch, drink my coffee and catch up on This Is Us while L takes his nap.  So that is exactly what I am doing.  I am working on being present in my life and my feelings.

Lately, his teething has taken a toll on his naps. (read more about this here)  The time I have to get things done is short and it can be a bit stressful to figure out what to do first. My job has also been very busy lately. In fact, most nights, I would consider being in bed by midnight to be early.   (more…)

In The Trenches of Teething

They told me it was coming, I was warned.  Teething toddlers ARE. NO. JOKE! Like for real, y’all this stuff is real. For the most part, my L is a sweet little guy who loves to give hugs, laugh, play and even, for the last few months stick to a regular nap schedule.  Until this week.  This week he has been a crying, hitting, ear pulling cranky mess.  Our sweet daycare provider has even been sending me messages about how different he has been.  His naps have decreased, he has been cranky during the day and even been hitting me, and the other kids along with having epic meltdowns in major meltdown style.  My poor little man, I feel awful for him and the other kids and adults around him during the day. My heart is breaking to see him in pain.  I know this is a phase and it will pass and I know some of the behaviors are because of his pain, but holly shit (sorry) it’s hard on so many levels! (more…)

What We Love Wednesday: Valentine’s Recap

Happy hump day! We hope you had a love-filled Valentine’s Day with your friends, family, and little ones! We sure did! One of our favorite things to do is spread the love, so it’s one of our favorite days! H & L both took Valentine’s for their daycare buddies – bubbles and boogie wipes – staples in both our households. We also shared the heart-shaped cookies Crystal made with our coworkers. We even had a bit of a sweet surprise ourselves… (more…)

Last Minute, Low Cost, Valentine’s Day Ideas


Happy Valentine’s Day!  I have a confession, my memory and sense of time sometimes escapes me.  (Please tell me I am not the only one, mom brain y’all) Therefore, today snuck up on me and I have been trying to figure some creative, fun, CHEAP Valentine’s Day ideas that is thoughtful but doesn’t require a lot of planning.  After several Google and Pinterest searches, I came up with a few meaningful last minute ideas. I thought I would share them here with you all.  Just in case there is someone else out there that is as last minute as I am, haha!  So, here you go, a few no or low cost Valentine’s Day ideas. (more…)

Back in the Saddle

Remember when I mentioned training for the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler, here? Well, now that I’ve put it in writing, I guess it’s official! For the past year or so, I’ve tried (and failed) to make myself a priority – especially as it relates to health/fitness. Well, signing up for a 10-miler will force you to make that time.

Maybe it’s that Harper is 15 months old, and no longer the fussy, newborn who needs constant holding and attention? Gosh, she’s the furthest from that now. Miss Independent. Wonder who she gets that from? 😉 Maybe it’s that I’ve finally started to push the guilt aside and make that time (with reassurance from my hubs that it’s okay). Or maybe it’s because I’m truly focused in on my One Little Word for 2017, which is “self”. Whatever it is, it’s made me feel a bit more like myself than I have in a long time. (more…)

Easy Fabric Banner

It seems like everywhere you look these days the in look for decor is shabby chic, farmhouse, rustic or whatever you want to call it. A major trend of this look are these adorable hand-tied fabric banners.  They are the perfect addition to your party, or just to add a little touch to your home! I have one hanging in L’s room as part of the window treatment, and it is CUTE! Sure, you could head on over to Etsy and buy yourself one, but making your own DIY fabric banner is quick, easy and cheap!   I used my coupons at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store and made this little mini banner for less than $10!  With all the fabrics out there, you can create endless combinations to match your style!  Come on, give it a try and create your very own easy fabric banner! (more…)

#TBT – Daycare Edition

Exactly one year ago today, I left my sweet girl in the arms of a complete stranger.

I must have checked 12 different websites that morning. We had a light dusting of snow on the ground and I wanted nothing more than a government “snow day”, which would mean daycare was closed. Sadly, no luck. So, off we went on that cold, dreary morning.

I’m sure our daycare provider thought I was nuts. But, I guess all moms are that first (second, and third…) time they drop off their little one, right? I remember handing her the diaper bag, and along with it a novel H’s schedule. (more…)

What We Love Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! It has been a long few days, but the weekend is in sight! We want to share a few more things we are loving this week!  But first, an update! The dessert recipe Crystal posted last week, yeah she made it for a little get together this weekend and lets just say, people were licking the serving dish!!  AMAZING!  In case you missed it, you can find it here. For real, if you are looking for something to make for Valentine’s Day, it’s perfect!  Filled with chocolaty gooey goodness, and perfect for toddlers’ little hands. Harper even helped with the Oreo placement! (more…)