Munchkin Cup, Miracle or Not?

When it comes to sippy cups, there are about 1,000,000 choices out there for moms.  They all claim to the best spill-proof, leak-proof, miracle sippy cup that moms and babies will just go gaga over.

When it comes to babies, L is pretty easy.  He sleeps through the night (most of the time), eats well, doesn’t suck his thumb or use a pacifier and gave up his baby bottle pretty easy.  Is that last thing because we really did hit the holly grail and find a miracle sippy cup?  I’m not sure, but I do know that for us, this cup by Munchkin has been great.  It is called the 360 cup because the baby can drink out of any area around the cup, just like an adult cup. We use it for milk, and a more bottle type cup for his water.  I thought I would give a little review for any of you out there that are getting ready to make the transition to a cup.  I will put out there, that he has also tried other cups and liked them, but this was the first one he seemed to really love.


DIY Lavender and Peppermint Lip Balm

I don’t know about where you are, but here in Maryland, winter has just decided to show up, and with it dry air which means dry, chapped lips.  I live on lip balm in the winter months and always have one tucked away anywhere I spend more than 10 minutes of my day. I really like a few brands, but it can get expensive and some have all kinds of chemicals in them.  I decided I needed to find an alternative so, I did some research and came up with a few recipes that I kinda merged together to make my own DIY lip balm.

I will say, the upfront cost is more than buying a tube of lip balm at your local store, but this recipe filled 7 of my little tins (10 ml) and then I have a ton of left over supplies to try out new scents and such! You can try this with any oil you love, but I am in love with this lavender and peppermint combo that my favorite yoga teacher turned me onto. This stuff is great and really moisturizes my lips, it’s smooth and smells like heaven!


What We Love Wednesday: Women Who Rock

Last week was International Women’s Day, and while we are a week late, we are still into celebrating strong, creative and supportive women!  We are so lucky to have so many women in our lives who are just that.  As small business owners, there have been a few people who have really helped us out this past year or so, and some people we have come to admire and look up to.  We have listed a few women who rock below for you to check out.  They are really talented at what they do, and are willing to answer questions and give love whenever we have asked! (more…)

Target Dollar Spot: Easter Edition

Target dollar spotIf you’re like me, then you rarely plan ahead for holidays. I love to imagine having all the Christmas gifts ordered and wrapped ahead of time, but let’s be real. Amazon Prime is my best friend. However, for once I’m ahead of the curve. Honestly, Target deserves all the credit. I happened to be walking through for the upteenth time this past week and realized I hit the dollar spot (also known as the “thirty dollar spot”) jackpot. Each store’s selection varies, but hopefully you can find a few of the items I found. I’m proud of the toddler-approved Easter basket I’ve put together – all for under $12! (more…)

Working Mom Confession: Why I Love My Job, But Not Going to Work

By now, you know I am a working mom.  I am a special education teacher.  Being a teacher is a huge part of my identity, it is more than what I do, it is part of who I am.  Other than a mermaid (which I still want to be!) I have never wanted to have any other career.  My students mean the world for me and I love each of them dearly and the people I work with are like family.  I even have a work wife!  I LOVE my job.  I can’t imagine my life without being a teacher.  In fact, this post has been sitting in the draft folder for several weeks because I was afraid people would read the title and get the wrong idea.  What if people thought i didn’t love what I do? So, that is why I feel the need to explain why I love my job, but not going to work.

You may be asking yourself how can that be?  How can you love a job, but hate going to work? Aren’t they are the same thing?


Mommy Needs Mimosas, Modern Twists on a Classic

Hip, hip hooray, its Saturday!  Whew, this week was a long one!  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just need a little toast to myself for making it through the week! Crystal and I both love our coffee, (who doesn’t) but sometimes, life deserves a little bubbly!  I love classic mimosas but every now and then I like to mix it up with a little twist.  I thought some other moms, friends of moms may like a few ideas on how to shake things up and add a little twist to your classic mimosa. (more…)

What We Love Wednesday

You know how we said last week went so fast, yeah this week, not so much!  We made it to hump day! Let’s hope the next few work days can go a little quicker!  Weeks like this make us extra thankful for snuggles from our littles and a few of life’s little luxuries that add comfort during a hard week.  Check them out if you need a little pick me up!


  • I gave myself a little DIY manicure with fun color by OPI called CIA: Color is Awesome.  It is a really dark teal color that is a nice mix between a winter dark and a vibrant color.
  • I love a little chocolate each day to keep me from missing my sweets too much (although I have been a little into these and other sweets this week).  These dark chocolate mint squares are perfect. One square and my craving is usually satisfied.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts Dark Roast.  I love it with a little caramel and skim milk.  I usually treat myself to one on Friday mornings. I like the dark roast because it has a slightly stronger taste which helps to get me through that last little bit of the work week!


  • I treated myself to a bath for the first time in… let’s just say, it’s been a little too long. I was gifted a few bath LUSH cosmetics bath bombs for my birthday – yes, almost a year ago. Better late than never, right? This one smelled heavenly – not to mention, made the water so pretty!
  • I also gave myself an at-home mani. Lately I’ve realized trips to the nail salon aren’t as relaxing as they once were. I always feel like I’m in a bit of a hurry. So, I’ve started using manicures as a great excuse to sit still and binge watch a little Netflix. My go-to color right now is Essie Lady Like. The perfect neutral with a hint of blush, purple, and gray. Swoon.
  • OH, and last but not least… I’m loving these peep toe wedges I just purchased. I bought the taupe color. The perfect transition item as we head into Spring. Hopefully sooner rather than later! Did I mention they are Dr. Scholl’s? Seriously, the comfort. They’re cute though, right?

Now that you know what’s getting us through the week, feel free to share anything we should try!


Geckos Are A Great Sign

Those that know me know I love animals, all of them.  I respect all animals and their place in our world, but there are some I am fine with observing from a distance. Namely, spiders, bugs, and reptiles, except geckos.  Geckos are okay with me, because to me, they are a symbol of love and a message from heaven.

Before you think me too crazy, let me explain.  You see, a few years ago, my mom and I spend an amazing spring break in Port Orange, Florida right outside of Daytona Beach.  This was a place we had spend many amazing weeks visiting my Great Aunt Patty, Uncle Ralph, my cousins Ashleigh and Christine and Christine’s sweet son Aidan.  At the time, my sweet Aunt Patty was undergoing treatment for cancer.  For some people, this would have brought them down, but not her.  She laughed and joked and was the same amazing woman I had grown up to admire. (more…)

Packing Bottles and Life Lessons Learned

Remember the days when the only bottles you thought about were the ones that came along with juice and soda mixers? Yea. Me neither. Those days are long gone. Though, I totally welcome any fellow moms or friends who’d like to join me for a night out. Because after having your life revolve around baby bottles 24/7, you’ve deserved to pop a bottle – or two.

Thankfully, H was pretty good when it came to bottles. She took to them well and gave them up pretty easily when the time came. She was fully transitioned off bottles right around a year. Though, I think it’s because we started whole milk around 11 months. I wasn’t producing enough for her daycare bottles anymore, and my freezer stash was almost nonexistent. I decided to save myself the stress and stop pumping and slowly start transitioning to whole milk in a sippy cup. Truth be told, we used this cup by Nuk, which I think felt more like a bottle and is why the transition was easier. At 15 months old, she’s still using this one for milk. I mean, if it ain’t broke… (more…)

Flashback Friday: Mom’s Night Out Edition

Today, we are throwing it back to last Friday….okay so that’s not really a throw back, but it was a night worthy of recognition.  Last Friday, Crystal and I got to join up with another mommy friend of ours for a Mom’s Night Out.  All you mommas out there know that time out is not as easy as it once was.  We are lucky, our husbands are both super supportive and always push us to get out and have fun, but it still doesn’t happen very often.  In fact, this night was planned for a month and we still had a few friends that couldn’t make it.  We have been trying to plan one a month.  It is surprising how hard it is to stick to one night a month, but we are trying to plan with a group 7 of us all with children.


Our big night out consisted of a crazy evening of mall walking, some returns and even some tequila shots!