Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I bet you are expecting me to write about some list of resolutions I have made for 2017.  Well, sorry, not gonna happen.  Resolutions are great for some people, but I am not one of them.  I always find them really motivating for a about a week then I fall off the bandwagon and just end up disappointed in myself.  I feel like, for me at least, goals and intentions are more meaningful than a resolution.  This year I decided to try One Little Word®.

What Is One Little Word® and how does it work?

The idea of One Little Word® is you pick one word to be your focus for the year.  The idea is that this word will help you be a better you.  This leaves you a little room for interpretation and gives you something to self-reflect on.  Some people pick a word for their professional life and a word for their personal life, but I have chosen one word for it all.

My word this year is growth!  I want to grow my business, grow in my teaching, grow my relationships with friends and families and relationship with myself, grow my heart, grow my mind and you know maybe even my bank account (just kidding….sort of!).  

Then what?!?

It’s only been a few days, but I am already loving it so of course, I want you to join the fun!  My suggestion to you is to think hard about this, one word seems simple, but really it’s a big deal.  One word, one word to focus on for 365 days?!? I mean, you really have to like it, and believe in it!

Once you have your word, I would make it visible and known so you can stick to it!  You may also want to give some thought about how this may look to start with and what steps you can take towards your word.  I put mine up in my classroom, shared it with my family and friends, and am working on a special project to get it up in my creative space.  In addition, I will likely be writing doing a few posts here and there to check in on how this whole #growth thing is going!

This  word has basically become the lens through which I see myself for the year.  When faced with a choice or decision I am counting on my word to help provide guidance and confidence.  Just like anything else it will take practice to really reflect on it and make it part of life.  I have been taking a few minutes of each day to meditate on it, but others journal about it, and still others just use a quick mental check.

I look forward to sharing my journey in pursuit of growth this year!  Please feel free to share your word, goals, or even resolution if that fits your needs!  Let’s rock 2017 together!!


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