For those that know me, you know that I have a tendency to dream big.  I always feel like I can take on one more project, one more thing and so I jump in with both feet. In the last two years, I have had a baby (definitely all in on that), pumped up my Etsy shop, taken on a team leader position, taken on tutoring clients two nights a week, and started a blog. Oh I have also decided that for my health and to be a good role model for L I need to get back in shape.  Of course all this in addition to all the other mom/wife/teacher things that we all do everyday.  I love it, I thrive on having something to do, a challenge and on letting my creativity run a little wild.   It makes me feel inspired to think of all my dreams for my little life.  Well, 99% of the time I feel inspired, but to be honest there is about 1% of the time, I just want to grab my little man and snuggle up in bed for a few days….Please, tell me someone else feels this way sometimes?!?! This momma is tired!

I’m tired, life has been a lot lately.  I am awake and working until midnight or so each night then up with my sweet little energetic toddler between 5:30 and 7:00 each morning (just to be clear, when he sleeps until 7:00, I literally do a  happy dance).  This momma is tired!!  I am a little at a lose. I know something needs to give but I am not sure what.  How does one pick what to cut back on when you love it all?  I mean a few things are obvious, I will continue to give L 200% of my energy.  He deserves it and honestly, there is no way not to give him my all, he demands it in his little toddler way! My job also requires all my energy while I am there and often times, at night in order to complete all the things that need to be done and done well.  But then, as a small business owner, if I don’t put in the time and effort, who will? And well, this blog gives me an outlet to get all my thoughts out and make sense of them all. And well if you don’t put everything into staying healthy and fit, it just doesn’t work!

See what I mean?!?!  Everything I do is a priority and I enjoy it all!!  But I do know something has to give.  Currently I am relying far too much on an extra cup of coffee or three a day.   I am starting to feel it in my health and can’t ever seem to shake the feeling that I am just exhausted! Even after nearly a full week of spring break at the beach, I am still feeling it! I guess the time has come to do some reflection.  Luckily, with Crystal as my inspiration, I purchased the book Grace, Not Perfection which I am hoping will help me to accept that I can’t do it all, at least not perfectly.

For the time being, I thank God I have a supportive family, husband and friends.  They put up with my endless questions and texts as I think out ideas, help me with childcare, brought me coffee, helped me get the word out about my little shop and this little blog, brought me more coffee, answered more texts, offered kind words and thoughts and the list goes on.

How do you balance it all? Help this tired momma out!!


Peace and Love,

2 comments on “One Inspired, But Tired Momma!”

  1. Gosh, girl! You have a lot going on! I don’t know what needs to give but you’re right, you can’t keep up with all of that for long. Can you take your little one on walks so you combine exercise with toddler time? When I feel overwhelmed I always want to try one of those meal delivery things (like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron) so I have one less thing to think about. I have yet to do it but it sounds fun and delicious.
    I do know for me that I chose my job and my son over Etsy, but my Etsy shop was barely treading water. Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to take a break. Put your shop on vacation, do low key exercise, rest so you don’t burn out. <3

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