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Oh, Boy! Amazon Prime Day & My Favorite Finds for Baby #2

It’s PRIME DAY! I don’t know about you, but I get overly excited for a good deal. Especially a deal on practical, everyday items. Sure, the Nordy’s sale is great, but I know I don’t need any of those items. So excuse me while I scour Amazon for all the bargains today… like 2 years ago when I was scoping out convertible car seats for H, or last year when pressure cookers were all the rage. I am very strict with my Prime Day purchases, mostly because we live in a small house and I’m already in purge/nesting mode. It’s really made me re-think purchases lately – especially when it comes to baby #2. Today I’m sharing a few items I have or will invest in for baby boy – and most are available on Amazon. I’m not sure if they’ll actually be a part of today’s deals, but I made this little list for myself (and any of you expectant moms or gift-givers) to reference along the way.

It’s amazing how much “stuff” you accumulate after one kiddo… I’ve also learned along the way what items were “must-haves” and what were more “eh”. Like a baby swing for example… I thought we HAD to have one with H. Um. She hated it. Yay for reflux. I thought the 4Moms RockaRoo seemed gimmicky, but when we were gifted it for H, and she actually let me put her down in it (for 15 mins or so at a time), I realized they were onto something! I’ve even lent this out to a few friends over the years, and they loved it as well. You never know ’til you know…

So, this time around, I figured we had everything we truly needed. We’re using H’s crib (we transitioned her to a “big girl” bed a few months ago… more on that coming soon), so really only needed a dresser/changing area for this babe.

Oh, and why did I not buy more gender neutral clothes before? H had so. many. tiny. clothes. Some still with tags! I feel guilty just thinking about it. So, the only thing I knew we needed would be a few staple items I used constantly with H, or have discovered more recently. Seriously – so much has changed in nearly 3 years!

Our big purchase this time around would be a double stroller. H still really enjoys riding in the stroller and I’m A-okay with that! I prefer she’s strapped in – especially in busy places. She’ll be nearly 3 when little guy arrives, so I couldn’t quite decide which kind I wanted. Side-by-side, tandem, or sit-to-stand (where she can sit or stand on the back and he can ride up front). So, I ventured into DC one morning to the JPMA baby expo so I could see some options in person – more on that below!

Amazon Prime Day

(1) SwaddleMe Velcro Swaddles (2) Aiden and Anais Burpy Cloths  (3) DockATot (4) Fridababy BreatheFrida (5) Fisher Price Rock n’ Play (6) Lansinoh Nursing Pads (7) Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Travel System

So without further ado, here are a few of my top picks for baby #2 broken out into a few categories…

**Note: links below are affiliate links, so Lindsey and I receive a small commission. It doesn’t cost you a penny extra and helps us keep this little blog going!**


  • Halo Cotton Sleep Sack – I had a few of these with H. She didn’t like her arms swaddled, so we swaddled around her chest to give her that snug feeling, and me a bit of peace of mind knowing she had an extra layer during a cold winter. I need a few non-fleece ones this time around since baby boy will be here during the summer.
  • SwaddleMe Velcro Swaddles – I didn’t know about the world of velcro swaddles with H. Maybe that’s why she “disliked” being swaddled? I used traditional swaddle blankets and she would constantly break out. I’ll definitely have a few of these in my arsenal this time around in case little guy decides he’s anti-sleep.
  • Boppy Newborn Lounger – I had a boppy (that I thought I’d use for nursing with H, but ended up not liking). It was nice for propping her up, but I think this will be a much better option to have sitting next to us on the couch or wherever we’re hanging out.
  • DockATot – this is one of those things that definitely didn’t exist when H was brand new. Seems like they’re everywhere now. The prints and patterns are gorgeous too. I haven’t pulled the trigger on purchasing one because I have a friend who has offered hers if we need back up sleep reinforcements, or I decide I’d like somewhere other than the rock n’ play to place him when we’re hanging downstairs. Again, we are limited on space in our house, so I’m trying to keep the bigger items to a minimum.
  • Speaking of… Fisher Price Rock n’ Play – a friend lent this to us with H and it was a LIFESAVER (especially for a babe with reflux). She napped in it almost daily, and eventually it moved up to her nursery to help with the naptime crib transition.
  • Sound machine – Our house is mostly wood floors so sound travels and it’s not the most quiet to walk around. Plus, this newer model of H’s is super tiny and space-saving! Perfect for our little nursery.


  • Dr. Brown’s Options Bottles – I used Dr. Brown’s with H and hoped to reuse the set we had but stored them in our attic, and pretty sure I ruined the plastic. So, a new set it is. I liked the bottles in general, but didn’t love washing the million pieces that come with them. I’m glad Dr. Brown’s created a version you can use with or without the “gas valve”. I have a feeling I’ll be using without!
  • Re-usable nursing pads – I will likely use these disposables I have on hand in the early days, but once things get more “settled” I’ll switch over to ones I can wash. I did the same with H and was glad I made the switch.


  • These FridaBaby nose wipes – I discovered these at the JMPA baby expo and fell in love. The smell. Seriously, you guys. Not only is it a nose wipe, but it also has eucalyptus and can be rubbed on baby’s chest. I was given a sample of these and H immediately stole them for her own use. She loves Vick’s rubbed on her chest before bed, so this is a non-sticky, much less mess option. I’ll keep these on hand for both kiddos – especially when colds happen.
  • A compact humidifer – again, baby boy’s room isn’t very big, so I’m trying to maximize space. The size of this humidifier is perfect. It’s larger than those water bottle ones you see, yet smaller than the average one. I know we’ll need this in the dry, winter months and when colds strike. So, this was a must-have!

Okay, now back to the double stroller. Here are some options I considered:

  • Sit to stand – super affordable, and I’ve heard great things from fellow parents with kids about 2.5-4 years apart. Sometimes the older one wants to sit and sometimes they want to stand, so this allows both options.
  • Side by side – this Britax stroller is actually the double version of our infant travel system. I liked that both kids can sit next to each other and there’s no argument over who sits in the front vs. back. H could also reach over and see her baby bro if she wanted. I know this would require some manuvering through doorways, etc. but I also liked that it can fully recline and has a vented panel built into each seat. This would come in handy in the summer heat!
  • Tandem – I had quite a few friends recommend this one. I like the idea of a streamlined stroller – especially in those pesky doorways. I was a little nervous of the price and hoped to find one used, if I could.

However… I actually WON this double stroller from Evenflo while at the baby show. I didn’t realize Evenflo made such great baby products aside from bottles. Our stroller isn’t actually in production yet… coming sometime in the next few weeks, but you can read all about the fun features here. I can’t wait to share a review with you all. I was able to test out the prototype model they had in their booth and it’s really cool! Definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for a double and want something in the mid-price range. Side note: it comes with an infant car seat/base as well. While we already have one from H, we will likely use the newer one and share the older one with grandparents or as a spare when needed.

Lindsey’s on vacation at the beach this week, so while she’s enjoying a much-deserved relaxing family vaca, I’ll try to keep you posted on any really exciting deal via our Instagram stories (so be sure to follow us!). In the meantime, let me know if you find anything I should know about – and any additional baby items baby boy may need!

xo, Crystal

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