When it comes to sippy cups, there are about 1,000,000 choices out there for moms.  They all claim to the best spill-proof, leak-proof, miracle sippy cup that moms and babies will just go gaga over.

When it comes to babies, L is pretty easy.  He sleeps through the night (most of the time), eats well, doesn’t suck his thumb or use a pacifier and gave up his baby bottle pretty easy.  Is that last thing because we really did hit the holly grail and find a miracle sippy cup?  I’m not sure, but I do know that for us, this cup by Munchkin has been great.  It is called the 360 cup because the baby can drink out of any area around the cup, just like an adult cup. We use it for milk, and a more bottle type cup for his water.  I thought I would give a little review for any of you out there that are getting ready to make the transition to a cup.  I will put out there, that he has also tried other cups and liked them, but this was the first one he seemed to really love.

What Makes it the Miracle Sippy Cup, the Pros:

  1.  Baby can drink out of any side of it, no spout
  2. The handles make it super easy for little hands to hold on to
  3. It comes in different sizes, colors and even fun designs (the bigger ones do not have the handles and can be found here stainless steel is also available here
  4. All the parts come apart so you know you are getting it clean
  5. Does not leak when Mr. L holds it upside down
  6. The price point is on par with other cups so it does not break the bank, and it can be shipped free if you have a Prime membership
  7. I have hear that dentists like it, but I am not a dentist and cannot confirm this!

The Cons:

  1. Some babies have a hard time learning to sip from it
  2. It does not fit super well into the cupholder on L’s carseat
  3. It will leak when thrown from a high chair (not a lot, but it does leave a little splat)
  4. You have to take the parts apart to clean it or it traps water and liquid inside…yuck

So there you have it, this cup works for us, it is our miracle sippy cup.  Do you have one that works for your family? Please, share it with us!



Peace and Love,


2 comments on “Munchkin Cup, Miracle or Not?”

  1. We have an off brand cup like this and my son likes it well enough, but he gets way more water out of a typical sippy cup over this one. But, we haven’t stopped nursing/formula, so he doesn’t drink a ton out of a cup period. We’ll probably be making the switch soon since my supply is dying and he’s almost a year old, so we’ll see how that affects his cup choices 🙂

    • It’s funny how different kids do different things! L does drink his water out of a more traditional sippy cup, or water bottle, but milk he has always take from the 360. Some days, he won’t take his water though unless we put it in the 360. So funny these little humans and their opinions.

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