Hi there, coming to you this week from Spring Break in Myrtle Beach! One of the major perks of teaching is that I have some time off to spend with family! My mom and I packed up L and headed south for the week! The weather is perfect and we are having a great time!  We are even heading to Charlestown today to visit with one of my favorite friends from college!  Don’t worry, I will be sharing a full recap as well as some tips fro traveling with a toddler once we return home!  The trip has been really relaxing and laid back, without much of a plan besides making sure L gets his naps and heads to bed a semi-normal time.  This week I am loving many things, but I narrowed it down a little to share with you!

  • Babyganics Sunscreen is a must have for my little man’s sweet skin.  We use this daily when we are out and about during warm weather.  I love knowing he is covered with a product that is not filled with a bunch of stuff that is terrible for him.  It is mineral based so it is a bit harder to rub in, but it is worth it to keep him protected from the sun this spring and summer.
  • For myself, I have been using Bare Republic Sunscreen Gel.  I love the way it does not feel like regular sunscreen.  I am pale, as in really pale so I need protection all spring and summer, on the beach or just going for a run in the afternoons.  This stuff is great because I don’t feel like I am wearing anything at all.  I will say however, I am on the lookout for a sunscreen I love that is very eco-friendly.  This one scores well, but I will be doing a little more research as spring and the warm weather continues.
  • FaceTime has been a great tool this week as my little man is missing his daddy and his daddy is missing him.  We have enjoyed being able to share stories using the video chat, and Lincoln likes “kissing” daddy goodbye!
  • Being outside, yes, this is better because we are at a beach, but even before we hit the road, we have been loving some of the warm weather we have been having and being able to get out and enjoy fresh air! This is one of the best things about spring arriving! Watching L run around and be so excited to be “oside” has just warmed my heart!  We have been enjoying the playground, hitting local trails and just hanging out in the neighborhood.
  • Starburst Jelly Beans, because jelly beans are a spring time staple and these are the best!
  • Bubbles, because they are perfect for outside in the warm weather, and they cause toddler giggles.  Let’s face it, anything that causes toddler giggles is fantastic because toddler giggles are what I love all day, everyday!

What do you love for the spring? Any recommendations for a sunscreen I should try out?!  Please share!!


Peace and Love,


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