I hope all you mommas out there had a great Mother’s Day.  I am not just talking to those of you that have human sons and daughters.  One thing I have learned in my adult life, especially during recent years as my friends move through stages of our lives and I work in a school, is that moms come in many shapes and forms.  There moms that have human children they gave birth to or adopted. Moms that have step children that they raise as their own children. Moms that have fur children.  Moms that step in when a mom can’t and give their whole heart.  Moms who have yet to give birth but became a mom the second they found out that baby was coming. Moms who want a child so bad they can ache, but are struggling with fertility. Moms who have suffered the unfathomable loss of a child.  Moms of grown children, moms of toddlers, moms of children they teach, moms of children in the neighborhood, the list goes on.  What ever mom you are, know this: you are a star. You are amazing!  You are doing the best you can and damn it, that is enough!

I hope you all were spoiled and loved and cared for, but also, I hope you remember the feeling of the love you were shown this weekend.  Hold on to it because you deserve it.  Hold on to it and remind yourself of it when you don’t make it to the grocery store, or when you forget an appointment, or have a messy house.  Remember it when you just want that toddler to nap because you need to shower for the first time this week.  Remember it when the dog food runs out so your pup gets table scraps for dinner, even though in your house that is normally a hard no!  Remember that when you have to say no to one more volunteer thing or when you put on the wrong shoes because, you couldn’t see them over your bump!  Remember that love when the sun shines and you know it was sent from heaven just for you.  Remember it when you have a loved one give you a shot for the millionth time because one day it will all be worth it. Or, as you wait for the call to jump in the car at the drop of a hat because a baby is on the way and it is just for you! Remember, you are a mom, there is no title better in the world, no matter how you earned it.

You are enough, you are loved, you are honored, you are a momma, and you are a kick ass one at that!  Too often we forget.  Once the roses have wilted and the “Best Mom Ever” pin has been taken off we fall back into noticing the negatives, the things we miss or don’t do.  I am guilty, I do it myself, but let’s make a momma pact, okay?  Let’s remind each other this year that we are great.  Let’s not let each other forget that we ALL kick ass everyday.  Let’s help each other to know that things don’t always go the way we plan and that’s okay, because that is life.  Remember, you are loved everyday, that is the beauty of being a mom of any kind.  Happy Mother’s Day!


Peace and Love,

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