In case you missed it, Crystal and I along with a few of our good friends had the pleasure of enjoying our annual girls weekend recently.  It was heavenly! Check out the details here.  Of course, it would never have been possible without our amazing husbands to keep the kiddos while we pampered ourselves.

Have we mentioned how amazing both our husbands are? For real, y’all they rock. They both FaceTimed, texted and loved on our kiddos!

As luck would have it, while I was away my sweet little guy had a stomach bug.  He was miserable.  In fact,  my FaceTime with him was cut short before bedtime because he was so sick.  Now, Steve could have complained, he could have told me he wished I was home or made me feel guilty. But did he? Nope.  Daddy had it covered.  My guy told me to have fun, enjoy my time with my friends.  He knows how much this weekend always means to me and how much I needed it so he told me to go and have fun.  He sent me pictures of my little Lincoln in better spirits enjoying time with daddy, to help me feel better about being away and told me to just enjoy the spa.

As if that isn’t enough, when I got home Sunday, the house was clean, the dogs taken care of, and the baby ready for me to love and kiss.  Then, after L went down for the night, he told me he packed up all the bottles because Lincoln had been using his sippy cup all weekend, even when he woke up which has been our biggest battle!  I mean, does it get better?!?

I have always known I got a great man, but this was a nice reminder of what an amazing daddy he is!  What has your partner done lately to remind you of their greatness?

Peace & Love,

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