Hi! I’m Crystal – mom, wife, full-time marketer by day, and part-time crafter by night. I’m also the maker behind lifelovecreations and one half of Too Crafty Moms. Some may say I take on too much. While they’re probably right; I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I’m a Maryland girl through and though (I dare you to challenge me to a crab-picking contest)! I was born and raised just outside the beltway and received my degree from the University of Maryland. Fun fact: I’ve never lived more than 30 minutes away from where I grew up, and somehow managed to buy a house less than a mile away.

While I spend the majority of my days working full-time as a digital marketer for a healthcare company, every spare moment is spent with my little family: my husband, Logan; 14 mo old daughter, Harper; and a 90 lb rescue pup named Mojave. When I’m not with them, I can usually be found in my craft room or at the kitchen table getting myself too involved with various projects. Hence, why I’m half of Too Crafty Moms.

Lindsey and I met through a mutual friend in high school. The three of us have remained close for over 16 years. As mentioned in our “About Us” page, we’ve had some interesting coincidences. Most notably all three of us having our first babies within 6 weeks of each other – Lindsey’s son is just 11 days older than Harper. We joke that our little ones share a freakish bond – and it’s truer than not. I’ve been lucky enough to have Lindsey by my side for more than half my life. These little ones will have each other for their entire lives (like it or not!)

An Etsy shop is born…

Crafting is in my blood. I’ve done it longer than I can remember. I’m one of those people who will see something, think I can make it myself, spend ridiculous amounts of money on materials and countless hours, when I could’ve purchased it for $10. Yes, there’s a meme for that. But, my persistence paid off when I invested in my first Cricut machine and began making the wedding decor for myself and others.

My Etsy shop was accidentally born at a bridal shower. I had gifted a friend a frame with her new last name and wedding date. People loved it so much they asked where it came from. When I said I made it, they asked how much I charged. I realized then that I needed a business plan. Since then, I’ve moved away from custom frames and focused in on home goods, baby items, and decor. However, that original frame is still available in my shop. I started the shop in 2012 and didn’t do much to promote it. Honestly, I barely told friends.

And then, Harper was born…

My maternity leave was tough. Yea, yea, I know. ALL maternity leave is hard. But, this was unexpected. I had visions of a quietly sleeping baby while I cleaned and organized, cooked dinner, and grew my little business. Instead, I spent most of my days pacing my house, carrying a crying newborn upright so she would cry just a little less. Almost 7 weeks in, we discovered Harper had reflux. Bad. We were able to get medicine that helped her tremendously, but even so, she was a fussy, gassy newborn.Thankfully, it was short-lived, and Harper is healthy, active, and the funniest little human I know.

I lost a little of myself during maternity leave. That’s part of being a mom, right? We give so much of ourselves to these amazing tiny humans. And it’s completely 110% worth every moment. I wouldn’t change a thing. Except maybe asking for and taking more help when offered. Toward the end of my leave, I slowly let others help with Harper so I could have a little “me” time. Usually, I spent the time putting away clothes, or taking a long shower. But gradually, I began to feel more energized and able to do more.

During this time I had my shop, but wasn’t doing much to promote it. I remember receiving an order for a custom wedding frame and thinking “how am I ever going to do this?” Over the course of days I worked on something that would normally take an hour. It was tough, but completing that order made me feel more like myself than I had in a long time. I wanted to do more. I needed to do more. So, I began making bows for Harper, and eventually tried iron on vinyl to make onesies for an upcoming beach trip. Well, that was it. I finally began to share my creations and took orders from friends, family, and then eventually complete strangers! The rest is history. I officially had a thriving little (I mean, really  little) side business!

How we got here

That being said, I sometimes take on too much. Too many orders at one time, too many home projects, the list goes on. However, lucky for me – so does Lindsey. We are both full-time working moms with the desire to take on possibly one too many projects at any given time. So, here we are. Too Crafty Moms is born.

With the support of an amazing husband, friends, and family, I am now taking on yet another project. Writing a blog and sharing a little piece of my world has always been something I wanted to do. I have never been sure where to start or what platform to stand on. In the past year, my life has changed drastically. I became a mom, returned to a full-time job, and managed to start a small side business. My life isn’t perfect, but I’m able to do most of these things with an amazing support system.  I’m truly lucky to have the most supportive, encouraging, and understanding guy as my husband. He’s the real reason I get the opportunity to get myself into too many projects. He encourages me to follow through with whatever crazy idea I have and supports me along the way.

Hopefully this blog provides you with a little insight into my world. As I’ve said before, and will say over and over again – it’s not perfect, nor is it easy. Anyone that tells you otherwise is probably lying. But, I’m here to tell you that you can have a career, be a great mom/wife/friend/etc., and still maintain a bit of yourself through whatever it is that motivates and energizes you. In my case, it’s crafting…

sometimes just a little too much.

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