cookie popsWhen my friend Andi suggested I make star-shaped cookie pops for Harper’s 1st birthday, I thought she was crazy. She’s the baker, after all. That being said, once she walked me through a few simple steps, I felt confident to make the pops on my own. So confident that I’ve decided to make them as Valentine’s gifts for my friends and coworkers. These would be perfect for little ones also!

With the right tools (and the secret ingredient) you can create these too!

First, gather your supplies. A quick trip to your local Michael’s should suffice.

You’ll need:

  • Treat sticks
  • A heart (or your choice of shape) cookie cutter.
  • Wilton candy melts
  • Sprinkles – I used Wilton’s Valentine’s assortment
  • A foam block or cake pop stand (to hold pops as they dry)
  • Chocolate melter or double boiler. I used the one seen here.

cookie popsI followed Baking a Moment’s Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe. This seems to be the best for non-spreading cookies. Warning:┬áThe batter is really thick. Don’t be alarmed. Just make sure you lock your stand mixer.

Once your dough is mixed, roll it to about 1/4″ thick and cut a few hearts. Carefully place each heart on a parchment lined baking sheet.

Here’s the tricky part: Slowly insert a treat stick into each cut out shape. Don’t worry if it puffs up a bit. Just press that part back down and make sure you don’t crack it.

Bake according to the directions referenced above — 375 degrees for 9-12 min. Carefully remove from tray and cool on rack.

cookie popsNow, the fun part! Use a double boiler or chocolate melter to melt the candy melts. You’re going to dip each cookie into this, so you want it to be thin. The secret ingredient is shortening. I used Crisco. Add shortening until mixture is thin and runny. If it’s too thick, the cookie will fall off the stick when you pull it out. Trust me, the runnier, the better.cookie popsDip the cookie into the melted candy. Gently shake top to bottom, side to side.

cookie pops

cookie pops

Add sprinkles to the cookie.

cookie pops

Stick each cookie pop into a foam block (like the ones used for floral arrangements). You can also buy a stand here. If you’re like me, the craft store is a bit more convenient!

Let the cookies dry for at least an hour. If you’d like, wrap each in a lollipop bag and tie with a ribbon. Store dry pops in the fridge (or freeze if your event is further away).

cookie pops

Seriously, how cute are these? Perfect for Valentine’s day!

xo, Crystal


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