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Happy Mother’s Day…to ALL type of Moms

I hope all you mommas out there had a great Mother’s Day.  I am not just talking to those of you that have human sons and daughters.  One thing I have learned in my adult life, especially during recent years as my friends move through stages of our lives and I work in a school, is that moms come in many shapes and forms.  There moms that have human children they gave birth to or adopted. Moms that have step children that they raise as their own children. Moms that have fur children.  Moms that step in when a mom can’t and give their whole heart.  Moms who have yet to give birth but became a mom the second they found out that baby was coming. Moms who want a child so bad they can ache, but are struggling with fertility. Moms who have suffered the unfathomable loss of a child.  Moms of grown children, moms of toddlers, moms of children they teach, moms of children in the neighborhood, the list goes on.  What ever mom you are, know this: you are a star. You are amazing!  You are doing the best you can and damn it, that is enough! (more…)

One Inspired, But Tired Momma!

For those that know me, you know that I have a tendency to dream big.  I always feel like I can take on one more project, one more thing and so I jump in with both feet. In the last two years, I have had a baby (definitely all in on that), pumped up my Etsy shop, taken on a team leader position, taken on tutoring clients two nights a week, and started a blog. Oh I have also decided that for my health and to be a good role model for L I need to get back in shape.  Of course all this in addition to all the other mom/wife/teacher things that we all do everyday.  I love it, I thrive on having something to do, a challenge and on letting my creativity run a little wild.   It makes me feel inspired to think of all my dreams for my little life.  Well, 99% of the time I feel inspired, but to be honest there is about 1% of the time, I just want to grab my little man and snuggle up in bed for a few days….Please, tell me someone else feels this way sometimes?!?! This momma is tired! (more…)

Cherry Blossom 10-Miler Recap

cherry blossom 10 milerHiii! Okay, I promise I’m still alive… it’s been awhile though. Between work, family life, and my little “side hustle”, things have been pretty crazy. Oh, not to mention that fact that our house has been a germ factory for over 3 weeks. The three of us have had some sort of cold or infection nonstop. There was a period of about 10 days where no one got much sleep. Honestly, I don’t know how anyone with non-sleeping kiddos does it. I was a MESS. Lindsey can attest to it. I practically broke down one day last week. There’s a reason sleep deprivation is a torture tactic, ya’ll. Anyway, we are all mostly (fingers crossed) healthy, and back to sleeping once again. Hallelujah! So, alas… time to finally recap my Cherry Blossom 10-miler… (more…)

See the Able, Not the Label: Sharing Some Disability Awareness

As many people know, April is Autism Awareness Month.  As a special education teacher at an elementary school, my co-worker and I set up a Disability Awareness Week last week at our school.  I work with children everyday with and without disabilities and they all have strengths and traits that make them unique and amazing. It was an amazing week with great discussions and love spread throughout our school.


Germs, Germs, Germs: Sick Baby and Mom Guilt

I am not sure about the rest of you, but I am ready for the germs of this season to be GONE.  Somehow, after just finishing up with the flu about a week and a half ago, L woke up yesterday morning with another bug. Is there anything worse than a sick baby? I got the call at daycare around 10:00 that he had thrown up and needed to be picked up.  Lucky for us, my MIL lives right up the street from our daycare provider and is retired so she is always more than willing to grab our little man.


A Lesson in Grace

grace not perfection

Okay, admit it. We’ve all had one of those days. Those days where you’re not sure whether to scream or crawl back in bed – or maybe scream into the pillow as you crawl back into bed? Those days that make you second guess it all. Well, yesterday was one of those.

After a somewhat restless night (for both myself and H), I woke with a full blown head cold. My head was pounding, my nose was stuffed, and the last thing I wanted to do was get dressed for work. As I look over at the monitor to see H sitting upright in bed, babbling away happily to her toys I think “HOW is she so happy? She barely slept!” Seriously, where does she get that energy from? This magical child surely must be stealing it from me. Anyway, off I went – got myself and H ready (barely) and went about our usual morning/daycare drop off routine. (more…)

Working Mom Confession: Why I Love My Job, But Not Going to Work

By now, you know I am a working mom.  I am a special education teacher.  Being a teacher is a huge part of my identity, it is more than what I do, it is part of who I am.  Other than a mermaid (which I still want to be!) I have never wanted to have any other career.  My students mean the world for me and I love each of them dearly and the people I work with are like family.  I even have a work wife!  I LOVE my job.  I can’t imagine my life without being a teacher.  In fact, this post has been sitting in the draft folder for several weeks because I was afraid people would read the title and get the wrong idea.  What if people thought i didn’t love what I do? So, that is why I feel the need to explain why I love my job, but not going to work.

You may be asking yourself how can that be?  How can you love a job, but hate going to work? Aren’t they are the same thing?


Packing Bottles and Life Lessons Learned

Remember the days when the only bottles you thought about were the ones that came along with juice and soda mixers? Yea. Me neither. Those days are long gone. Though, I totally welcome any fellow moms or friends who’d like to join me for a night out. Because after having your life revolve around baby bottles 24/7, you’ve deserved to pop a bottle – or two.

Thankfully, H was pretty good when it came to bottles. She took to them well and gave them up pretty easily when the time came. She was fully transitioned off bottles right around a year. Though, I think it’s because we started whole milk around 11 months. I wasn’t producing enough for her daycare bottles anymore, and my freezer stash was almost nonexistent. I decided to save myself the stress and stop pumping and slowly start transitioning to whole milk in a sippy cup. Truth be told, we used this cup by Nuk, which I think felt more like a bottle and is why the transition was easier. At 15 months old, she’s still using this one for milk. I mean, if it ain’t broke… (more…)

Flashback Friday: Mom’s Night Out Edition

Today, we are throwing it back to last Friday….okay so that’s not really a throw back, but it was a night worthy of recognition.  Last Friday, Crystal and I got to join up with another mommy friend of ours for a Mom’s Night Out.  All you mommas out there know that time out is not as easy as it once was.  We are lucky, our husbands are both super supportive and always push us to get out and have fun, but it still doesn’t happen very often.  In fact, this night was planned for a month and we still had a few friends that couldn’t make it.  We have been trying to plan one a month.  It is surprising how hard it is to stick to one night a month, but we are trying to plan with a group 7 of us all with children.


Our big night out consisted of a crazy evening of mall walking, some returns and even some tequila shots!

Holiday Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday! (Gosh, that sounds so much better than Monday..) Hubs’ office and daycare were both closed yesterday, so I decided to take the day and add a little extra family time to our weekend. Can every work week just begin on Tuesday? That extra day really is a game changer. Here’s a quick recap of how we spent our long weekend. (more…)