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DIY Lavender and Peppermint Lip Balm

I don’t know about where you are, but here in Maryland, winter has just decided to show up, and with it dry air which means dry, chapped lips.  I live on lip balm in the winter months and always have one tucked away anywhere I spend more than 10 minutes of my day. I really like a few brands, but it can get expensive and some have all kinds of chemicals in them.  I decided I needed to find an alternative so, I did some research and came up with a few recipes that I kinda merged together to make my own DIY lip balm.

I will say, the upfront cost is more than buying a tube of lip balm at your local store, but this recipe filled 7 of my little tins (10 ml) and then I have a ton of left over supplies to try out new scents and such! You can try this with any oil you love, but I am in love with this lavender and peppermint combo that my favorite yoga teacher turned me onto. This stuff is great and really moisturizes my lips, it’s smooth and smells like heaven!


Target Dollar Spot: Easter Edition

Target dollar spotIf you’re like me, then you rarely plan ahead for holidays. I love to imagine having all the Christmas gifts ordered and wrapped ahead of time, but let’s be real. Amazon Prime is my best friend. However, for once I’m ahead of the curve. Honestly, Target deserves all the credit. I happened to be walking through for the upteenth time this past week and realized I hit the dollar spot (also known as the “thirty dollar spot”) jackpot. Each store’s selection varies, but hopefully you can find a few of the items I found. I’m proud of the toddler-approved Easter basket I’ve put together – all for under $12! (more…)

Easy Fabric Banner

It seems like everywhere you look these days the in look for decor is shabby chic, farmhouse, rustic or whatever you want to call it. A major trend of this look are these adorable hand-tied fabric banners.  They are the perfect addition to your party, or just to add a little touch to your home! I have one hanging in L’s room as part of the window treatment, and it is CUTE! Sure, you could head on over to Etsy and buy yourself one, but making your own DIY fabric banner is quick, easy and cheap!   I used my coupons at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store and made this little mini banner for less than $10!  With all the fabrics out there, you can create endless combinations to match your style!  Come on, give it a try and create your very own easy fabric banner! (more…)

Crafting with Toddlers: Valentine’s Edition

Toddler craft

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there comes the age old question of what gift to give. Sure, you could go with chocolates or flowers, classic, easy, thoughtful and beautiful.  But why not go for something more personal like this original piece of finger painted art? We know, crafting with toddlers sounds scary, but this craft is quick and easy enough to do with a toddler, but fun enough that kids of all ages (and even adults) will love it too!   (more…)

Valentine’s Cookie Pops

cookie popsWhen my friend Andi suggested I make star-shaped cookie pops for Harper’s 1st birthday, I thought she was crazy. She’s the baker, after all. That being said, once she walked me through a few simple steps, I felt confident to make the pops on my own. So confident that I’ve decided to make them as Valentine’s gifts for my friends and coworkers. These would be perfect for little ones also!

With the right tools (and the secret ingredient) you can create these too! (more…)

All That Glitters – Harper’s 1st Birthday

Harper's birthdayMy sweet girl turned one on November 11th. As much as it was a celebration of her, I also felt like a little (okay, a lot) of it was also about my husband, Logan and myself. We made it through the first year of parenthood. Honestly, cheers to us – and every other parent out there! That first year is no joke. My 8 pound baby was now a walking, talking, “real life” tiny human! As if my emotions weren’t already all over the place. Now, I had a birthday party to plan. (more…)