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Crafting with Toddlers: Valentine’s Edition

Toddler craft

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there comes the age old question of what gift to give. Sure, you could go with chocolates or flowers, classic, easy, thoughtful and beautiful.  But why not go for something more personal like this original piece of finger painted art? We know, crafting with toddlers sounds scary, but this craft is quick and easy enough to do with a toddler, but fun enough that kids of all ages (and even adults) will love it too!   (more…)

Valentine’s Cookie Pops

cookie popsWhen my friend Andi suggested I make star-shaped cookie pops for Harper’s 1st birthday, I thought she was crazy. She’s the baker, after all. That being said, once she walked me through a few simple steps, I felt confident to make the pops on my own. So confident that I’ve decided to make them as Valentine’s gifts for my friends and coworkers. These would be perfect for little ones also!

With the right tools (and the secret ingredient) you can create these too! (more…)

Girl’s Weekend in NC

My girlfriends and I have a long-standing tradition of taking a girl’s weekend instead of Christmas gifts. Once a year (usually right after Christmas) we treat ourselves to spa treatments and a day or two together. Honestly, it’s the best gift. Even more so now that our friend Steph lives in North Carolina. She also happens to be expecting a baby boy in a few short months, so the fact that our trip aligned perfectly with her local baby shower was a sign.

I should mention – this is only the first time the girls and I have spent a weekend away together since before our babies were born. Honestly, I’m not sure how that’s even possible. It’s been almost two years since we were back in NC together. Lindsey was only a few weeks pregnant and still keeping it a secret (ask her sometime what she did with the champagne we all “drank” at the spa). I was also pregnant but didn’t know yet! Needless to say, this trip was a little different. A mini celebration for us moms getting some quality time away with our girlfriends. And dads getting some quality bonding time at home! (more…)

Real Talk: Tired as a Mother

tired as a motherTired as a mother? Yea, that sounds about right.

I work during the day, head home to work on Etsy shop orders and this blog at night, while trying to make as much time as I can for family and friends. It’s all important to me, and for that, I’m always running a little emptier than I should. I usually feel at least a bit tired. And then Harper gets sick, and I realize the true meaning of TIRED.

She (and about every other child I know) has a cold right now. Poor girl was up half the night coughing. I would go in, calm her down, get her relaxed and almost back to sleep, walk out… and then, not 5 minutes later – back to coughing. I felt terrible for her. There’s not much I can really do, especially when all she wants to do is sleep.

So, here I am wondering how I’m going to get through my workday. (more…)

All That Glitters – Harper’s 1st Birthday

Harper's birthdayMy sweet girl turned one on November 11th. As much as it was a celebration of her, I also felt like a little (okay, a lot) of it was also about my husband, Logan and myself. We made it through the first year of parenthood. Honestly, cheers to us – and every other parent out there! That first year is no joke. My 8 pound baby was now a walking, talking, “real life” tiny human! As if my emotions weren’t already all over the place. Now, I had a birthday party to plan. (more…)

Happy Planner, Happy Life

Happy PlannerI’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I take on too much. I mean, that’s why this blog exists, isn’t it?  Lucky for you, I’ve made a few mistakes am here to share them.

One of my biggest mistakes: relying on modern technology. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do most days without my cell phone. I’ve paid to upgrade to a cloud based storage simply to allow myself to take and store more pictures of Harper. I’m still working on her first year photo book…one of these days. Besides photos, I use my phone primarily to read emails, get my social media fix, and keep track of important events. Except when I completely forget said event. (more…)

About Me: Crystal

Hi! I’m Crystal – mom, wife, full-time marketer by day, and part-time crafter by night. I’m also the maker behind lifelovecreations and one half of Too Crafty Moms. Some may say I take on too much. While they’re probably right; I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I’m a Maryland girl through and though (I dare you to challenge me to a crab-picking contest)! I was born and raised just outside the beltway and received my degree from the University of Maryland. Fun fact: I’ve never lived more than 30 minutes away from where I grew up, and somehow managed to buy a house less than a mile away. (more…)