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Baby S2 is a…

As I near the 30 week mark, I realize I never “officially” announced baby S2’s gender… and if it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen – right? 😉

Well, baby is a…

Gender reveal balloon

Gender reveal balloon


And, I totally called it! While my symptoms were similar to what I experienced when pregnant with H, they were more intense and lasted longer. Most notably, the constant nausea that was a battle from weeks 5-16. I ended up taking some other the counter meds to cope. I’ll recap that later for any of you mommas who may be struggling (or will experience it at some point). I also CRAVED meat. Like HAD TO HAVE it. Especially red meat. Not sure if that meant “boy” specifically, but on the plus side, my iron levels have been great!

To be honest, I just sort of just “knew”. I had this really strong feeling – something I didn’t quite experience last time around. Plus, almost everyone I know is having the opposite of what they had the first time – or having a boy if it’s their first. So, I figured this was our boy.

So how did we find out?

At our 20 week appointment, we asked the sonographer to write the sex inside an envelope so we could open it together later. We opened it on our couch at home, just the two of us. Then, went to pick H up from daycare and share the news. We went to dinner afterwards and celebrated with breakfast for dinner (my favorite) and milkshakes for hubs and H! I have to admit, opening that envelope felt a little anti-climactic. I can’t figure out if it was because we did a full on gender reveal party for H or maybe because I truly felt I already knew. But not in a bad way… just in an “oh, I knew this!” Oh, and the balloon picture I posted above? We took that as a product test for a gender reveal balloon I added to my Etsy shop. Didn’t hurt to have another cute reveal photo either!

So, how did I react?

Well, I have to admit – I got slightly excited at the prospect of H having a sister. I never had a sister, and was imagining all the fun they’d have together. Plus, I’d get to see another baby in all those adorable clothes of hers (some still with the tags – eek!). So, I was a teeny bit bummed that we weren’t having another girl. But then I thought about it and realized I wouldn’t even know what to do with two girls! Would they be competitive? Would I have a “favorite” daughter? At least this way I can truly tell H she’s my favorite daughter – and it’s not a lie! LOL! In all seriousness though, I think this is why I have such a strong bond with my girlfriends, like Lindsey. Most of us only have brothers. These girls ARE my sisters. I hope H has that bond with her friends in the future.

And then the other side of me was elated. One of each! I had to laugh bc I have always said I wanted 2 kids…one of each. And here I am. The universe yet again giving me exactly what I put out there. It’s strange how I’ve stressed about so many things along the way (don’t we all?) but in the end, they’ve happened.

Anyway, I am thrilled for H to have a baby brother. She seems to be also – except when she says “there’s a baby girl in there?” Funny enough – we still haven’t confirmed he’s a boy with our own eyes… he wasn’t cooperating at our last sonogram and we didn’t want to look during the gender sonogram. So, we joke that H could be right! She kisses and talks to her baby brother every day (and often asks to see him… she especially loves trying to see baby brother in public by pulling up my shirt or dress *face palm*) I just know  she will be the most loving, compassionate big sis and watch out for her little bro. They will have such a fun little bond. I also can’t wait to see Logan with a son. I mean, he and H have such an amazing bond, but I know a father, son relationship is different. And as he put it – one day he’ll have someone to take him fishing. Although, we’re pretty sure H will do that also! She’s getting pretty good at casting her practice reel. Only a matter of time before she’s driving him around in his boat!

Now that we’re almost 30 weeks along, I realize it’s time to start getting the nursery together and baby gear out of storage. Full on nesting mode over here – even though I know he won’t use most things for a while. As for nursery,  I’m thinking monochromatic black and white. I want to keep things as minimalistic as possible since it’s such a small space. My dad came over and helped us paint the walls (bright white) and installed a new light fixture. Those minor changes already make it feel bigger and more airy. I’ll post more details soon, promise!

Oh, and how did we tell our family and friends? Well, it was around Easter when we found out, so I stuck pieces of paper in pink and blue eggs (thanks, Linds for the idea!) and one lucky blue egg had the “IT’S A BOY” message. We did this with our parents and I surprised the girls during a day trip to Richmond. The reactions were priceless! Funny enough, Lindsey is the only one who thought it was a boy – and she had the “lucky” egg!

So, now that I know we’re having a boy, I’d love to hear any and all advice! I’m lucky to have a host of boy moms who can show me the ropes around #teamblue, but want to hear from you!

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    1. Aw, thanks friend! I will definitely look to you for advice! Hope you’re enjoying that new little guy of yours, as well! ~C

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