Meet The Moms

Crystal and Lindsey have been friends more than half their lives. They’ve been through it all together – high school, college, first jobs, marriage, babies. The list goes on. Most would think the timing of their “big” events is odd (like having their babies 11 days apart), but they embrace it. Going through life together has kept them sane (mostly). And no, they didn’t plan the babies…though some people still believe they did.

They relied heavily on each other through the early days of maternity leave, the transition into working moms, and now through life with toddlers. Add in small businesses they’re both working to grow, and you can see why they need each other. Life is a bit, um…crazy.

And so a blog was born.

Navigating life as a full-time working mom isn’t always easy. Navigating life as a full-time working mom who’s also attempting to grow a small business on the side – definitely not easy. Throw in the never-ending list of DIY/craft projects for themselves and others and…well, you get the point.

Naturally, they want to do it all. Who doesn’t? But, it can be exhausting, and sometimes a little nutty. This blog is here to prove that you can do and have it all (whatever your “all” may be). But, it’s not going to be perfect. Honestly, it’s messy. They won’t show you the inside of their closets. Okay, maybe they will…one day.

Keeping it real.

Don’t expect to see perfectly posed Instagram pictures. Honestly, they can’t afford to hire photographers to follow them around. But, do expect to see some glimpses into their real lives…mostly through the help of Instagram filters. Okay, and maybe a few semi-posed shots. They happen to know a few people who are good with a camera. They’re also banking on learning how to use the fancy DSLR cameras they each received as wedding gifts. Almost 5 years ago…

They’re here to prove to you that you can be a great mother and wife, you can kick ass at your career, and you can pull off an awesome first birthday party with all the details. Again, it may not all be pretty all the time. In fact, it may be a hot mess. That’s okay. At the end of each day, week, month, you can be proud of what you’ve accomplished – and all the craziness is worth it.