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A Sprinkle for Baby Boy S —Plus DIY party decor!

As with any best friend, when Crystal got pregnant, I went into full on aunty-to-be mode. Our group of girlfriends have been friends since high school (some of them even longer) so we all feel very attached to each other’s children.  When we found out baby S was a BOY I knew there had to be a great sprinkle to get the family all the things they might need for the little man!

I reached out to Crystal’s mom and mother-in-law to offer some help with any shower they may be planning. After throwing around a lot of dates we decided it was probably best for us to break up the family and friends shower. I asked Crystal for a list of friends she would like to include and started to get to work with a few good friends of ours. Knowing Crystal, I know she is not a super “theme” person, but little touches mean the most to her, so my goal was to include as many meaningful little things as I could. My original plan was to include a few of her favorite makers, but honestly time got away from me and i didn’t get to include as many as I had hoped. I did reach out to Dani at Big Hugs Little Envelopes to have the invites made. Crystal is a lover of stationary, so I knew they had to be perfect, and they truly were.

Our invite went out to about 20 people, however as it was the weekend before the 4th, many people we sadly out of town. Then the weekend of we had some people hit with stomach bugs and other commitments making for a very small but sweet celebration.
We decided to keep food and decor simple. We decided a few bagels, a quiche, some fruit and a few little scones and of course cupcakes because what’s a party without cupcakes? Now, before you go getting impressed, you should know the only part of this that involved actual work in the kitchen was cutting the fruit and heating up the quiche, the rest was store bought. #realtalk We went for simple, yummy and STRESS FREE!
We decorated with mint, navy and touch of a nautical theme. Due to the small guest list, we really didn’t play any games.  For decorations, we stuck with a few balloons, a table runner and very simple tissue paper tassel garlands (read to the end of this post of a “how to” for these easy, fun party decorations)

Each guest left with a simple succulent pot, which was my favorite touch of the decor. To create these, I enlisted the “help” of L! He helped me to scoop the soil into the small pots then we planted a few succulents into each. He loved being a helper, and I loved watching him get so excited!  This also kept the cost down while making something nice for guests to take with them.
The day of the party, we put it all together easily and quickly. The guests of honor (H came along too, don’t tell Crystal but we really threw the party to celebrate big sis!) arrived to the open arms of some of their most loved friends! Everyone ate, chatted and of course opened gifts! The party may have been small but the love was BIG!! I feel confident that everyone agreed!  At first, we were nervous Crystal would be disappointed at the small size, but in hind sight, it really worked out well.

*Side note, sorry for the lack of super pretty, perfect, edited photos, to be honest, I was just in the moment and enjoying celebrating my best friend!

Easy Tissue Paper Tassel Garland DIY

These little cuties make great party decorations, seasonal accents or even permanent fixtures so a space that needs a little flair! 

What you need:
  • 20 x 20 sheets of tissue paper–each sheet makes two tassels
  • scissors
  • string or twine
How to
  • Fold a single tissue paper sheet in half, then in half again.  Cut thin fringe toward the fold leaving about an inch or so at the top uncut.


  • Unfold the second fold. You are now left with the tissue paper folded only once.  Cut the paper in half so you now have two pieces.
  • Unfold the other fold so you now have fringe on top and bottom with the uncut portion in the middle.  Begin at one end and roll the paper tightly, when you reach the end, fold the rolled paper in half at the uncut portion and twist to create a loop for hanging.

  • Repeat until desired number of tassels are made.

  • Hang the tassels on your string.  If you want, you can tie each one in place, or just let them sort of “float”.
  • Hang up your garland, step back and admire your awesome work!  When someone compliments it, say “thanks, I totally made it myself!”

Do you have any simple tips for making a party come together?  Share it with us!  Bonus if it is something we can DIY!





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