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A Fun Day in DC

A few weeks ago, the hubby had to work on Saturday so L and I were on our own for the day.  It also happened to be the first really nice Saturday in the DC area for the spring season, so we wanted to get into something fun! Luckily, Crystal and I got an email from KinderCare inviting us to Ring in Spring on the waterfront in DC.  It seemed like a fun activity and since Crystal and H were busy, I sent a text to my mom and dad asking them if they would like to join us for the day. They happened to be free that day as well so we all piled into Pop’s car and headed to DC!

It was a free event, and I had not been to that particular area of DC so I figured the time together would be well worth the drive in.  We got there around 10:00 and found parking near the event.  When we got inside, the venue was all done up in an adorable spring theme with flowers, trees and even cute clouds with little raindrops falling from them!  They had some cute craft stations set up where the kids could make butterfly wings, design a flower and make their own clay bug!  L got really into the clay and wanted to use alllllllll the colors! The staff working was extremely helpful and kind and just seemed to be excited to meet kids! They also had some musicians playing fun kids songs and a story time. L was having a blast and getting creative and my parents and I were enjoying watching him!  Of course, his very favorite part of it was the snack table where he could get something to eat and the area where he got to pick his very own book to take home!

As an added bonus, they had people from Stacey Vaeth Photography taking free photos! They were so kind and snapped a few shots of L with his grandparents, as well as some of just him.  Within 48 hours they had sent an album of some of the photos as well as an offer for 2 free digital negatives with no strings attached.  It was a lovely way to start off the weekend!

Following the event, we took a walk in the beautiful weather to look at some boats, take a short boat ride and of course enjoy some ice cream.  We headed home after an awesome morning in time for nap time. What are some of your favorite things to do on the weekends to keep your little ones busy?


Side note, we were invited to this event by KinderCare, however this is not a sponsored post.






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