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40 Weeks Pregnant – Update & Lessons Learned

Most people who know me will tell you I’m (almost) always on time. Like RIGHT on time. I don’t like being too early (can’t stand waiting), but also stress when I’m late. Remember how I said H is a lot like me in this post? Well, her baby brother is a different story right now. However, at 40 weeks + 3 days pregnant, he’s already taught me a very big lesson…

Patience: Oh, the patience. While I don’t like to be late, I also am not very patient. I think I’ve become slightly more so since becoming a mom (thank you, H for helping me with this). However, this is a whole new level of patience. I’m mentally drained. Wondering if every little twitch, tinge, cramp, etc means it’s “time”. I’m at the point now where I almost think I’d miss the signs because I’ve convinced myself that everything is nothing. I know I won’t miss that first real contraction, though.

And a few other “mini lessons” I’ve come to terms with on my own…

Maybe due dates aren’t so accurate?: Hubs has been telling me this for weeks. His theory is that in the grand scheme of 40 weeks, what’s a few days of marginal error? I can’t argue with that, I guess. Hence why he’s the engineering/mathematical one in the relationship.

Babies come when they come: Everyone tells you you’re second baby comes early. Just like everyone told me the first would be late. I had it in my head that H would be late. So when she showed up 6 days early, it was a huge surprise. No anxious waiting involved. When your first arrives early and you have it in your head that the 2nd will be early too… and then he’s late. Well, you can imagine how it’s going. Did I mention I’m not so good at waiting patiently?

Lots of people want to give you advice…and they mean well: At this point, I’ve heard it all, and learned what put so-and-so’s great-aunt-twice-removed into labor with her 7th child. It all sounds great. But, honestly? I’m tired. I’ve tried most of it. Old wive’s tales, walking, bouncing, third trimester tea, evening primose oil, even the “famous” #eggplantbaby Eggplant Parmesan recipe (which btw, was VERY delicious…and I loved reading some of the stories found here.) However, I’m thinking the only thing that may put women into labor with this eggplant dish is the amount of prep work that goes into it! It’s supposedly effective within 48 hours after… well, clock’s up eggplant parm. Anyway, I know most people mean well. And I truly do enjoy hearing all the stories of labor/what worked for people. However, I think I’m at the point where I’ve come to terms with the notion that this little guy will come when he’s ready. That’s not to say I’m not trying still trying the things… but no more intensive recipes/concoctions for this gal!

I feel fine: Physically, that is. So, back to that due date thing. I honestly am not that uncomfortable, nor do I feel as large as I would expect at this point. I’m not swollen, which is odd considering it’s the middle of summer. Walking feels good (most of the time), and as long as I’m not trying to put on shoes or baby boy isn’t kicking my ribs, I really don’t notice him much. So, maybe I’m not AS pregnant as I think? Ugh, who knows?! However, here’s where I’m not fine — emotionally. Guys, I’m exhausted. Not in the tired/no sleep way, though. I’ve actually been sleeping fairly well considering all the bathroom breaks. I’ve experienced just about every range of emotions this week – from excitement to anxiety and everything in between. I’ve thought about what happens at my next appointment if he isn’t here by then. And honestly, I’ve probably thought TOO much about it. It would be great if he decides to show up prior to my visit. If not, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I’m trying to stay positive and hoping he gets a move on before we have to talk “alternatives” (that I’d really like to avoid).

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Overall, like I said – I’m mostly feeling fine. I’m trying to distract myself with work and little things I enjoy here and there. Yesterday, I popped out on my lunch break to treat myself to a Starbucks drink and get a polish change on my toes (just to freshen them since it’ll be a while before I can get another one after he arrives). I brought along a book I’m hoping to finish before my next book club meeting. However, since it’s in 7 days, and my babe is still not here… I’m not so sure I’ll be attending. At least the book is a good distraction! OH, and in true “Crystal” fashion – I decided to completely clean/detail the inside of my car yesterday… yep, like a crazy person. But hey, an organized/clean area makes me happy and I needed to get out some anxious energy. BTW, if you need anything deep-cleaned right now, I’m your gal. Yea, I’d like to think it’s nesting… but let’s be real. Just another day in the life.

Anyway, I hope this doesn’t totally alarm any of you. I truly do love and appreciate all the support I’ve received – and the calls, messages, DMs, etc. It makes me feel way less alone and gives me an outlet to laugh about it all. So, thank you for that! And trust me, you all will be the first to know when he’s here. Get ready for the endless amount of baby spam!

xo, Crystal

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